Mechanical Engineering Technology - Labs

The MET program has numerous labs with equipment to provide hands-on application of classroom learning. These labs encompass many aspects of the MET curriculum, including:

  • Instron multi-purpose testing machine
  • Bending moment and deflection of beams apparatus
  • Electronic strain measurement equipment
  • Static equilibrium devices
  • Dynamics test stands: centrifugal force, ballistic projectiles, linear momentum, conservation of potential energy, acceleration, forces of gravity
  • Machine shop for prototyping
  • Computer Numeric Control (CNC), CNC machining center, CNC turret lathe
  • 3D printing
  • Heat exchangers – conduction, convection, and radiation heat transfer units
  • Heat pipes and pumps, solar energy systems
  • Subsonic wind tunnels, reaction and impulse turbines
  • Mechanical measurements lab with a wide range of electro-mechanical sensors and data acquisition electronics

Electrical course requirements also include dedicated labs with electronic equipment.


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