Accounting - Degree Requirements

The MS Accounting program consists of a total of 33 credit hours distributed as follows:

Accounting Core Courses: 15 credit hours
Business Core Courses: 15 credit hours
Elective Courses 3 credit hours

Accounting Core Courses

Course Name Course Number Credits
Financial Statement Analysis and Reporting ACC 585 3
Advanced Income Tax Research ACC 611 3
Fund Accounting ACC 630 3
Advanced Auditing Theory ACC 650 3
Advanced Financial Accounting Theory ACC 685 3

Business Core Courses

Course Name Course Number Credits
Financial Management Problems FIN 525 3
Seminar in Accounting and Finance FIN 685 3
Multinational Economics of Technology BUS 505 3
Quantitative Business Analysis MGS 511 3
Management Information Systems MIS 515 3

Elective Courses

Complete any one graduate course offered by the Department of Business Management, not including the above core courses and ACC 520 (Accounting for Managers) ELEC 3






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