Nanoscale Science - Biomedical Nanotechnology

Preparing the next generation of clinicians to transform healthcare through technology.

At SUNY Polytechnic Institute we offer unparalleled preparation for students on their way to a clinical education. Our biomedical nanotechnology focus provides students with hands-on education in technology applications that will drive the future of the medicine. With access to world-class faculty and facilities, we will give you the edge that you need to pursue a healthcare education, a career in the biomedical industry or provide you the additional knowledge needed to excel in your profession. 

Students focusing in biomedical nanotechnology will earn their M.S. in Nanoscale Science or Engineering through the Accelerated or Standard Programs. 

Biomedical Nanotechnology Standard Program Timeline





Biomedical Nanotechnology Accelerated Program Timeline





Students will complete 30 credits, split between core and elective coursework and Master’s level biomedical research with SUNY Poly faculty. Individualized degree maps will include “Foundations of Nanotechnology” courses such as, Nanoscale Analytical Techniques, Crystallography/Diffraction for Nanomaterial Systems, Nanoscale Device Principles, Nanoscale Electronic and Magnetic Properties, Intro to NEMs/MEMs, Nanoscale Kinetics and Transport, Mathematical Methods in Nanoscale Research, Nanoscale Mechanics of Materials, and Molecular Materials. Students will also select from 600-level coursework, such as Clinical Nanomedicine, Bio-MEMS and Bio-NEMS, Principles of Sensors, Cellular Signaling, and Drug Discovery and Biomanufacturing.

For more information on the biomedical nanotechnology focus, please contact Krista Thompson at or 518-956-7017.


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