Nanoscale Engineering - Educational Objectives

Our educational program, centered within our unique industrial research and development ecosystem, is designed to train high-achieving professional engineers, uniquely educated and prepared to pursue opportunities in emerging high technology industries – including nanoelectronics, photonics, nanomedicine, health sciences, and sustainable energy – or to pursue competitive graduate degrees in current and emerging engineering fields. To achieve these goals, our B.S. in Nanoscale Engineering program is governed by the following educational objectives, integrated with their correspondence with ABET student outcomes:

  1. apply their education in nanoscale phenomena to excel in endeavors such as industry, entrepreneurship, government, and education
  2. earn advanced degrees from top institutions
  3. be ethical and socially responsible citizens who will make meaningful contributions to the challenges faced by an increasingly global and technology-based society
  4. be actively engaged in professional and learned societies and organizations, and other pursuits of continued professional development


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