Undergraduate Honors Distinction in Nanoscale Engineering

Undergraduate Honors Distinction for B.S. in Nanoscale Science and B.S. Nanoscale Engineering Degrees

SUNY Poly CNSE offers the distinction of graduating with honors in the major for high achieving undergraduate students who wish to challenge themselves. In addition to GPA requirements, the honors distinction requires students to submit a written thesis on their capstone project and publically defend it in front of a panel of faculty members. Successful students will earn the designation of graduating with honors in the major.


Students apply in the spring of the junior year to the honors program in Nanoscale Engineering or Nanoscale Science.  The application deadline is typically the last day of the spring semester. The student must have an earned a minimum GPA of 3.25, with a minimum GPA of 3.50 for all courses attempted in the major at time of admission to the honors program.  Applicants to the honors program must provide:

  1. Completed application form (pdf) that requires signatures from their research and academic advisors and a working title of their proposed thesis.
  2. A brief (not more than one page) written statement of purpose that explains their motivation for seeking the honors distinction and a brief description of the project.

The students are notified of their honors program admission status prior to the start of their senior year.


Students admitted to the honors program will follow the standard curriculum in Nanoscale Engineering or Nanoscale Science as outlined in the academic bulletin.  They must register for the honors sections of capstone research 491/493 for the fall/spring semesters of their senior year. The Honors Program Director will review their progress in the program every semester.  Students falling below the GPA requirements or behind on their project will be given a written warning.  The warned student will have one semester in which to satisfy the deficiencies.  If the student falls below the standard a second time, s/he will be removed from the honors program pending an appeal. 


The designation "Honors in Nanoscale Engineering" or "Honors in Nanoscale Science" will be placed on the student's transcript upon completion of these requirements:

  1. Complete all course requirements for their major and register for 491/493 their senior year.
  2. Maintain an overall GPA of 3.25 and a major GPA of 3.50.
  3. Publically present the project or thesis orally at the end of their senior year.
  4. Submit a written thesis along with the completion form (pdf) at the end of their senior year.


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