Nanoscale Engineering - Student Outcomes

Nanoscale Engineering Outcome 1 (a, e, k)

SUNY Poly Nanoscale Engineering graduates will exhibit applied knowledge of mathematics, particularly statistics, linear algebra, multivariate calculus, and differential equations, and the practical principles of nanoscale science and engineering essential for solving applied problems in atomic scale design, manufacture, and operation of efficient and functional structures, machines, and processes.

Nanoscale Engineering Outcome 2 (b, k)

SUNY Poly Nanoscale Engineering graduates will have the ability to analyze, construct or conceive a functional nanoscale system, component, or process that exploits basic and applied nanoscale principles to elucidate the observed behavior and measured properties of a given phenomenon or architecture to meet desired target specifications within realistic and practical constraints. The latter are those that would typically be encountered in real-world nanoscale engineering problems and may include performance, time (scheduling), funding, manufacturability, environmental, societal, and other constraints.

Nanoscale Engineering Outcome 3 (g)

SUNY Poly Nanoscale Engineering graduates will demonstrate clear and effective communication skills, both oral and written, in technical and non-technical environments.

Nanoscale Engineering Outcome 4 (f, h, j)

SUNY Poly Nanoscale Engineering graduates will have a clear understanding of their professional, societal, and ethical responsibilities as engineers, researchers, educators, and responsible members of society at large. SUNY Poly Nanoscale Engineering graduates will possess the broad “well-rounded” education profile necessary to understand, appreciate, and direct the impact of nanoscale engineering phenomena, products, and processes at the local, regional, and global economic, environmental, technological, and societal levels. SUNY Poly Nanoscale Engineering graduates will exhibit an understanding of contemporary issues, discoveries, and events that are related to nanoscale science, nanoscale engineering and nanotechnology and their potential impact on industry, business, and society.

Nanoscale Engineering Outcome 5 (d)

SUNY Poly Nanoscale Engineering graduates will be able to comprehend the cross-disciplinary nature of a nanoscale problem (technical and/or non-technical aspects) when appropriate and, as a result, be capable of functioning in and contributing to successful teams within inter-disciplinary R&D organizations.

Nanoscale Engineering Outcome 6 (b, k)

SUNY Poly Nanoscale Engineering graduates will possess the analytical abilities and engineering know-how to systematically design, conduct, and complete successful experimental procedures and applied tasks, including the skill set to analyze and interpret data from a variety of sources (experiment, simulation, etc.).

Nanoscale Engineering Outcome 7 (i)

SUNY Poly Nanoscale Engineering graduates will acquire an embedded recognition of the need for, and responsive ability to engage in life-long, self-motivated learning.

(Formerly Outcome Categories)

A.     Relationship of Student Outcomes to Program Educational Objectives
Just as the Program Educational Objectives serve as the strategic vision for the program, the Nanoscale Engineering Student Outcomes serve as the framework for delivering the program and realizing the Objectives. The Outcomes also provide a means of mapping the various pedagogical experiences provided to our students onto the Program Objectives.


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