Nanoscale Science Program - Nanoscale Materials Characterization, Analysis, and Metrology Track

Associated Faculty: DieboldDunn, LifshinLloydThiel

This track focuses on advanced nanoscale photon, ion, and electron based microscopic and spectroscopic analytical techniques and process metrologies for atomic and molecular-level material properties of ultra-thin films, nanomaterials and nanoscale devices and systems. The functionality and reliability of these structures depend on the ability to control dimensions and chemistry with high precision; techniques for measuring and analyzing them must have similar or better precision. This track therefore focuses on both practical aspects of measurement science and fundamental limits based on basic physical and chemical principles.

Foundations Courses: Because this track is part of the Nanoscale Science program, it is recommended that students wishing to prepare for it pursue the Nanoscale Science Qualifying Examination. Students without adequate background in the following subjects should take the corresponding Foundation Courses:

506 Crystallinity and Diffraction
506 Phase Equilibria for Nanoscale Systems
506 Kinetics and Transport
506 Mechanics of Materials
507 Quantum 1A
507 Molecular Materials
507 Nanoscale Laboratory Techniques
508 Optical/Photonic Properties
508 Particle-Solid Interactions
508 Analytical Techniques
509 Surfaces and Interfaces
509 Device Principles

Optional (based on background)
504 Chemical Principles
507 Mathematical Methods

Track-Specific Coursework: The 9 credits of upper-level track courses are broken down further into two categories to ensure that students have a sufficiently broad exposure in metrology and characterization. Not only should students in this track understand the practical aspects of specific techniques, but also the fundamental limitations on measurement as a result of material processes. Students should therefore take 6 credits of Characterization and 3 credits of Processing/ Defect Analysis courses, selected from the following lists:

654 Charged Particle Optics (3)
665A Electron Beam Analysis (3)
667 Surface Analysis Nano (3)
670 Transmission Electron Microscopy (4)
673 X-ray and Crystallography (3)
612 Optical Processes in Nanoscale Solids (3)

Processing/Defect Analysis
605 Integrated Circuit Manufacturing I (3)
661 Semiconductor Metrology (3)


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