Nanoscale Science Program - Economics and Management of Nanoscale Science and Engineering Track

Associated Faculty: Pillai

This track emphasizes the skills and technical acumen required to create value with emerging nanotechnology systems and architectures. Foundations provide a theoretical background in economic analysis as applied to emerging nanoscale science and engineering concepts and disruptive technologies. Track courses are designed to provide skills necessary for the creation, commercialization and management of nanotechnologies. Students will develop critical know-how for the evaluation of nanotechnology opportunities, intra and entrepreneurship, and technology management strategies.

Foundations Courses: This unique program combines a sound technical foundation with a strong grounding in the fundamentals of economics. Students wishing to prepare this track should pursue the Nanoeconomics Qualifying Examination. Students without adequate background in the following subjects should take the corresponding Foundation Courses:

506 Practical Solid State Quantum
509 Nanoscale Device Principles
509 Surfaces and Interfaces
513 Economic Principles of Nanotechnology Management (3)
514 Theoretical Foundations of Nanoeconomics (3)

Track-Specific Coursework: Students must take 9-credits of track-specific coursework from the following list. These courses were selected to provide students with a broad view of the economic and business impacts of the technologies being developed in the Nanotech revolution.

624 Finance and Valuation of Nanotechnology Based Firms (3)
664 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Nanotechnology (3)
XXX Strategic Management of Nanotechnology (3)

*This track may also be pursued by as part of a degree in Nanoengineering with permission.


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