Nanoscale Science Program - Optoelectronic Materials and Architectures Track

Associated Faculty: OktyabryskyShahedipourXue

This track focuses on material properties of compound semiconductors and the fundamentals of ultra-thin-film growth for optical and optoelectronic applications. It particularly includes quantum confinement-based optical and optoelectronic properties, as well as optical and optoelectronic device architectures using single and compound semiconductors. 

Foundations Courses: Because this track is part of the Nanoscale Science program, it is recommended that students wishing to prepare for it pursue the Nanoscale Science Qualifying Examination. Students without adequate background in the following subjects should take the corresponding Foundation Courses:

506 Crystallinity and Diffraction
506 Phase Equilibria
506 Mechanics of Materials
507 Quantum 1A
507 Quantum 1B 
507 Molecular Materials
508 Electronic/Magnetic Properties
508 Optical/Photonic Properties
509 Nanoscale Device Principles
509 Surfaces and Interfaces
512 Quantum Theory of Solids II (3)

Track-Specific Coursework: Students must take 9 credits of track-specific coursework from the following list. These courses were selected to provide students with a deeper, more focused theoretical and practical base for their research in optoelectronics.

616 Nanoelectronic Semiconductor Devices (3)
618 Science and Nanoengineering of Semiconductor Materials and Nanostructures (3)
625 Quantum Processes in Solids and Nanostructures (3)


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