Sociology - Faculty Highlights

Research and Interests


Dr. Linda Weber

Professor of Sociology
Coordinator of the BA in Sociology

Interpersonal trust, social capital, applied/clinical sociology, sociology of health and illness, symbolic interactionism

Select Publications
Weber L. (2012.) “Self at the Heart of Trust:  The Global Relevance of an Interactionist Understanding of Trust as a Form of Association.” Sasaki, Masamichi and Marsh, Robert M. (eds.) Trust: Comparative Perspectives. The Netherlands:Brill.

Weber, L.  (2013). Deep Learning in the Sociological Classroom:  Understanding Craving, Understanding Self.  Human Architecture:  Journal of the Sociology of Self-Knowledge.  11 (1): 135-152.

Weber, L., and Mathews, K. (2012).  Beginning the Conversation on the Politics of Difference in the International Medical Graduate – Patient Relationship:  An Exploratory Study of Patients’ Perceptions of the Quality of Care Delivered by their “Foreign Doctor.” Ethnicity and Disease 22:79-84.


David Pasick, MA

Lecturer in Sociology and Criminal Justice

Theoretical and applied criminology, corrections, surveillance and society

Select Publications
Pasick, D. (2011). Education for some: The inadequacy of educational programs offered to youth offenders in adult and juvenile correctional facilities. The Journal for Peace and Justice Studies 21(2), 56-69.


Dr. Kathryn Stam

Professor of Anthropology

Refugee studies, cross-cultural communication, cultural aspects of information technology, Asian studies.

Select Publications
Coughlan, R., Stam, K. & Kingston, L. (2015). “Struggling to Start Over: Human Rights Challenges for Somali-Bantu Refugees in the United States.” The International Journal of Human Rights. Publication Date 12 Aug 2015.

Kingston, L.  and Stam, K. (2017). “Recovering from Statelessness: Resettled Bhutanese-Nepali and Karen Refugees Reflect on Lack of Legal Nationality.” The Journal of Human Rights.

Kingston, L. & Stam, K. (2013). “Online Advocacy: Analysis of Human Rights NGO Websites,”  The Journal of Human Rights Practice, Jan. 22, 2012.


Dr. Veronica Tichenor

Gender and power dynamics in families, motherhood/fatherhood and identity, links between adverse childhood experiences and health/wellbeing

Select Publications

“Sibling Abuse”: chapter in The Social Dynamics of Family Violence, 3rd Ed., edited by Angela Hattery and Earl Smith. Routledge (2019).

Tichenor, Veronica, McQuillan, Julia, Greil, Arthur, Bedrous, Andrew, Clark, Amy, Shreffler, Karina. 2017. “Variation in Attitudes toward being a Mother among Women in the United States.” Sociological Perspectives 60, 3:600-619.

Alexander Bulson, Joanne Joseph, Mary Krenitsky Perrone, and Veronica Tichenor. “Enhanced Student Performance as Evidenced by Partnering Writing Facilitation with Courses in the Disciplines” Impact: The Newsletter of The Assessment Network of New York. Volume 3, Issue 3, Fall 2014.

Veronica Tichenor, Julia McQuillan, Arthur L. Greil, Raleigh Contreras, and Karina Shreffler. 2011. “The Importance of Fatherhood to U.S. Married and Cohabiting Men,” Fathering 9:232-2.

Earning More and Getting Less: Why Successful Wives Can’t Buy Equality. Rutgers University Press, 2005.



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