Engage students no matter where they are

  • Create and share videos that turn online classes into active student communities.
  • Provide asynchronous learning experiences.
  • Guide productive conversations on video and media.
  • Measure content effectiveness and student performance.
  • Build active class communities online.

Some great features Knowmia offers:

Speech to text captioning
Knowmia includes the most accurate speech to text caption service available. Automatically generate closed captions for your videos and make quick edits with the easy to use caption editor.

ADA compliance check 
The only product available with automatic checks to make sure your captions meet ADA compliance guidelines. Simply click in the caption editor to jump to captions that need to be corrected.

Engage students with the content and assess understanding by adding multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank and short answer questions.

Video conversations
Turn a passive viewing experience into a rich class conversation with timeline based commenting. Add conversation starters, or let students discuss the content organically.

You can access your Knowmia account through Blackboard using the link in the top navigation or using the link below.

Check out these tutorials to learn how to get the most out of Knowmia. 
Knowmia Tutorials


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