2024 Flexible Spending Enrollment Period 11/1/2023-12/11/2023

Monday, December 11, 2023 - 08:38
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The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) program is a benefit available to eligible State employees that can save you money by allowing you to pay for certain expenses with pre-tax dollars. The FSA is comprised of three types of accounts:  The Health Care Spending Account (HCSAccount), The Dependent Care Advantage Account (DCAAccount), and the Adoption Advantage Account.  
The open enrollment period for NYS employees will begin on November 1, 2023, and run through December 11, 2023, at 11:59 p.m. If you are enrolled for the 2023 plan year, you must re-enroll if you want to participate in 2024.
For more information or to enroll, visit http://www.flexspend.ny.gov/ during the open enrollment period.  If you experience any employment changes, changes in status, or payroll changes in 2024, it’s important to review the Flexible Spending Enrollment book. This book and additional information, including the 2024 Flexible Spending flyer, are attached below.
You will need to provide your NYS Employee ID number and Department ID during the flex spending annual enrollment process. This number starts with an N and contains 9 digits. Please reference your bi-weekly paystub, direct deposit advice, or view your check online via the view paycheck option in the SUNYHR portal to obtain this information. The Department ID for SUNY Poly is 28270.
All employees hired on or before December 11, 2023, must enroll for 2024 FSA participation by December 11, 2023. Employees hired on or after November 1, 2023, that have yet to receive a check or direct deposit advice may contact the Office of Human Resources to obtain their NYS Employee ID number.
Employees who are unable to enroll by the December 11 deadline because they have not been assigned a NYS Employee ID number may enroll for the 2024 plan year by submitting a 2024 change in status application once their NYS Employee ID number becomes available (must be submitted within 60 days of hire).  The 2024 Change in Status application system will be available (at the flex spending website above) beginning on or around December 12, 2023.
For questions regarding Flexible Spending, please email fsa@oer.ny.gov or call the FSA hotline at 1-800-358-7202.

Flexible Spending Flyer (pdf)

Enrollment Book (pdf)


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