Nominations are Being Accepted for the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service

Friday, January 5, 2024 - 08:53
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Dear Colleagues,

Nominations are being accepted for the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service. The extract from the SUNY Policies and Procedures Guidelines for consideration for this award are attached and included below.

Please send nominations to Maureen Cool at who will forward them to the committee members.

The deadline for nominations is January 5, 2024. The nomination should include as much supporting information and/or documentation as the nominator can provide.

Additional information may be solicited by the committee from the nominee, but it is up to the individual submitting the name for consideration to provide as much information as possible.

If you have questions as to whether a particular individual is eligible for nomination for this award, please email

Steven Perta, Chairperson
Chancellors Award for Excellence in Professional Service Committee
SUNY Polytechnic Institute

Policies and Guidelines (pdf)

Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Professional Service (EIPS)

Nature of the Program EIPS
The Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Professional Service recognizes consistently superior professional achievement within and beyond the position.

Selection Criteria EIPS
Nominees for the award must be individuals who have repeatedly sought improvement of themselves, their campuses and ultimately the State University and, in doing so, have transcended the normal definitions of excellence.

At all Position Levels 
Nominees shall be those individuals who can serve as professional role models for a University system in the pursuit of excellence. The following criteria shall be used in selecting persons for nomination of this award:

Within the Position Description 
The candidate must perform superbly in fulfilling the job description for the position held; and

Beyond the Position Description 
The candidate should also demonstrate excellence in professional activities beyond the parameters of the job description. The ideal candidate will satisfy the standards in a creative and innovative fashion while demonstrating flexibility and adapt-ability to institutional needs. Consideration should be given to capabilities and accomplishments in the areas of leadership, decision-making and problem-solving. Evidence in this category includes, but is not limited to, professional recognitions, initiation of ideas, development of proposals, and committee activities.

Eligibility Criteria EIPS Candidate Background 
Candidates must presently be serving in full-time professional service capacities (not necessarily titles) with more than 50 percent of their assignment in non-teaching services. The latter include academic administration, business affairs, student affairs, institutional support technologies, instructional and research support technologies, and directors of campus libraries. It is the intent that the Professional Service award be reserved for staff working full-time within their nominating campus. Full-time faculty (as defined in the eligibility criteria for Faculty Service) are not eligible. In the case of split-assignments across the nominating campus, individuals are eligible for nomination for this award if they are serving in a full-time professional capacity. In addition, support staff not serving in professional class titles are ineligible for nomination, but are eligible for nomination in the Classified Service Awards category. Please note, promotion within a department does not preclude a person from being nominated.

Length of Service 
Candidates must have completed three academic years of full-time professional service within the nominating campus out of the previous five years in the position for which they are nominated prior to the year of nomination.

Individuals serving in the classified services are ineligible for nomination (e.g., positions paid on an hourly rather than salary basis are generally in the classified services).
Please note that for the Community Colleges, individuals serving as heads of divisions (frequently referred to as Deans) may be nominated predicated on their fulfilling the eligibility and selection criteria. However, for this sector, the title “Dean of Instruction” frequently refers to the individual who serves as the head campus academic officer. Where this is the case, the individual may not be nominated.

Special Considerations for the Professional Service Award
Exclusively for the Excellence in Professional Service Award, nominations may be made by not-for-profit agencies serving a State University function at one of the organizational units (e.g., the campus Research Foundation offices, etc.) of the State University of New York. Any such nominations count toward the total allocations permissible for the nominating campus. For the purposes of the Professional Service Award, the State University System Administration is considered a campus. It may make one Professional Service nomination drawn from the aggregate of eligible staff at the System Administration, the State University Construction Fund, SUNY Charter Schools Institute, and the SUNY Research Found.


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