Reimbursement Processing
All requests for travel reimbursement must be filed on the State of New York Travel Voucher Form and submitted to the Business Office no later than 30 days from completion of trip. Support documents (receipts, etc.) should be attached and cross-referenced on the travel voucher. Original receipts are required. If a personal car was used, the Statement of Automobile Travel Form should be completed and attached. If travel was out-of-state, an out-of-state approval form should be completed and attached.

Cash Advances
A cash advance may be provided to employees who are in travel status for at least one day. The advance is equal to the number of days of travel multiplied by the per diem rate for that area. If lodging is paid by another method, the amount of the advance will only be the meal rate for that area multiplied by the number of days. The minimum amount is the amount of one day's meals. The maximum amount that may be advanced at one time is $400. An employee may request a travel advance by submitting an application for advance (form AC 1214) to the finance office.

Repayment of a Travel Advance

  • When the amount to be reimbursed to the employee on the Travel Voucher is less than the amount of the advance, employee must submit with the Travel Voucher a check for the difference.
  • When the amount due the employee for reimbursement exceeds the amount of the advance, employee will be reimbursed the difference.

If you have any questions regarding travel policies, reimbursement rates or reimbursement procedures, please contact Renee Lauber at ext. 7418.


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