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Career Fair

SUNY Poly holds a Career Fair every semester. This is our premier event, giving employers across numerous  industries the opportunity to meet with hundreds of students to discuss job, internship and volunteer opportunities.

On Campus Recruiting (OCR)

Are you looking to increase your presence outside of traditional career fairs? We offer employers the following options to engage with our students.

Tabling Session
Tabling Sessions are conducted on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm in the Student Center Lobby. This affords your organization the most student traffic during the prime time frame where students and faculty grab lunch in the Student Center or pass through this central campus hub.

There is no cost to conduct a Tabling Session. To reserve a table, please email CareerServices@sunypoly.edu.

Information Sessions
Information Sessions are hosted Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays during evening hours (typically 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm). Employers conduct a presentation to a captured audience (club, class, student group) and share information relative to your organization’s culture, employment opportunities, career growth and more.

Information Sessions require a reservation at least two weeks in advance in order to reserve an appropriate space for your technical needs and accommodate the anticipated number of attendees. There is no cost to conduct an Information Session. To reserve an Information Session, email CareerServices@sunypoly.edu.

Tabling/Information Session Reservation Policy: Reservations are required at least two (2) weeks in advance in order to adequately promote your event to the appropriate cohorts of students and faculty.

On Campus Interviews
On Campus Interviews (OCI) are an easy and convenient way to interview our students in one of our interview suites. Students can apply for a position and schedule an interview appointment via Handshake. Career Services will finalize the interview schedule on your behalf after the position has closed and the candidates have selected their interview time.

For more information on how to conduct an OCI and set one up, please email CareerServices@sunypoly.edu.



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