Visiting Scholar Series: Fast Heavy Hollow

Visiting Scholar Series: Fast Heavy Hollow

Friday Apr 12 2019 - 03:00 pm
Gannett Gallery, Kunsela Hall

Guest Speaker: Evan Boggess
Shepherd University

Artist Statement
Evan Boggess utilizes several contemporary practices including data visualization when creating imagery for paintings. Within his process, he originates with recognizable imagery such as scaled up mineral specimens and collides this imagery with more conceptually non-objective imagery generated from research data. This data comes as a result of monitoring growth patterns, formative conditions, mining techniques and common household uses associated with specific crystalline minerals. The nonobjective imagery resulting from this data sometimes results in fractal geometric patterns. While Evan works in the traditional medium of painting, Professor LeJeune has found many parallels between the data visualization practices that Evan employs to generate his imagery and Nick’s large scale, digital installation work of algorithmically interactive generated animations. Evan plans to have an exhibition in the Gannet Gallery as well as an artist talk that showcases his research into data visualization through traditional painting output and experience in both showing in and managing gallery spaces. The artist talk Evan will provide will be beneficial to exposing students to new practices in making contemporary art pieces that utilize data visualization.

Hosted by Nick LeJeune

Gannett Gallery, Kunsela Hall
Reception immediately following Artist talk

The 2018-19 Visiting Scholar Seminar Series is sponsored by Auxiliary Services Corporation.


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