Daniel K. Jones

Daniel K. Jones

Ph.D., P.E.
SUNY Polytechnic Institute
Associate Professor


Phone Number:
(315) 792-7121
Office Address:
Donovan Hall
Engineering Technology Department
College of Engineering


Dr. Jones is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology at SUNY Poly in Utica, NY. He teaches a variety of courses including advanced machine design, mechanical measurements, vibrations analysis, assistive technology, and capstone experience. Through partnerships with local organizations, he advises students on projects to develop assistive technology for people with physical disabilities. After serving as Chair of the Engineering Technology Department for ten years, he enjoys working with students and research on electroencephalography (EEG) and humanitarian engineering.

Recent Publications

Weldon R, Behrens K, Jones DK, Drake E, and Fragetta J, “Evaluation of Valenced Stimuli Is Associated with Anxiety and Avoidance in Close Relationships,” 63rd Annual Meeting, Psychonomic Society, Boston, Massachusetts, November 2022.

Shen J, Geng M, Mei L, Jones DK, Chen W, Geng M, and Wang X, “Numerical Study of Microfluidic-based Sensor for Pulse Waveform Measurement: Proof of Concept,” Engineering Proceedings, November 2022.

Jones DK and Joseph J, “Multi-semester Projects to Improve Braille Instruction for Visual Impairments,” American Society of Engineering Education, Middle Atlantic ASEE Section Spring 2021 Conference, Virtual April 2021.

Weldon RB, Behrens KY, Jones DK, Drake EA, and Fragetta JR, “Anxiety and Avoidance in Close Relationships are Associated with Responses to Negative and Positive Stimuli,” Psychological Reports, accepted for publication, September 2022.

Recent Conference Proceedings 

Jones DK and Abdallah M, “Successful Use of Performance Indicators to Assess Student Outcomes,” American Society of Engineering Education, 2016 Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana,  June 2016.

Abdallah M and Jones DK, “Successful Assessment of the Computer Engineering Technology Program,” American Society of Engineering Education, 2016 Annual Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana, June 2016.

Abdallah M, Jones DK, and Gherasoiu I, “Student Outcomes Assessment and Evaluation for ABET,” American Society of Engineering Education, 2015 Annual Conference, Seattle, Washington, June 2015.

Jones DK and Abdallah M, “A Novel On-line Approach for ‘e-student’ Remote Laboratory Experiments,” CIT 2015, Conference on Instructional Technology, SUNY Geneseo, May 2015.

Gherasoiu I, Jones DK, Das D, Abdallah M, and Efstathiadis H, ASEE St. Lawrence Section, “Nanotechnology Education at SUNY Poly,” Syracuse, April 2015.





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