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Kazuko Behrens

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Associate Professor of Psychology


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Social + Behavioral Sciences
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  • Ph.D. in Human Development, University of California, Berkeley (2005)
  • M.A. in Developmental Psychology, San Francisco State University (1999)

Getting to Know Dr. Kazuko Behrens

Honors and Awards

  • President’s Opportunity Fund, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, 2015 $1,806
  • UUP Individual Development Award, SUNY Polytechnic Institute, 2015 $1,000
  • President’s Opportunity Fund, SUNY Institute of Technology, 2014 $1,500
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Project Fund, SUNY Institute of Technology, 2014 $5,000
  • UUP Individual Development Award, SUNY Institute of Technology, 2014 $200
  • Center for Undergraduate Research Fund, Texas Tech University, 2011 $2,000
  • FHL Foundation as PI, 2011-2012 $25,000
  • Center for Undergraduate Research Fund, Texas Tech University, 2010 $2,000
  • Seed grant, Texas Tech University, 2006-2007 $4,500
  • Seed grant, Texas Tech University, 2005-2006 $4,500

Areas of Research

  • Individual differences in social-emotional development.
  • Intergenerational transmission of attachment.
  • Physiological correlates of attachment phenomena.
  • Parental sensitivity.
  • Attachment and cognition.
  • Attachment and culture.
  • Attachment-based intervention.

Selected Publications

  • Behrens, K. Y., Haltigan, J. D., & Gribneau Bahm (2016). Infant attachment, adult attachment, and maternal sensitivity:
    Revisiting the intergenerational transmission gap. Attachment and Human Development,18, 337-353.
  • Mesman , J, van IJzendoorn, M., Behrens , K., Carbonell, O.A., Leiva, R. C., Cohen-Paraira, I., de la Harpe, C., Ekmekçi, H., Emmen, R., Heidar, J., Kondo-Ikemura, K., Mels, C., Mooya. H., Murtisari, S., Noblega, M. , , Ortiz, J. A., Sagi-Schwartz, A., Sichimba, F., Soares, I., Steele, H., Steele, M., Van der Leeden, M., Van der Veer, R., Wang, L., Yağmurlu, B., Yavuz, M., Zreik, G.(2015). The ideal mother is a sensitive mother: Beliefs about early childhood parenting in mothers across the globe. International Journal of Behavioral Development. Advance online publication.
  • Behrens, K. Y., Parker, A. C., & Kulkofsky, S. (2014). Stability of maternal sensitivity across time and contexts with Q-Sort measures. Infant and Child Development, 23, 532-541.
  • Behrens, K. Y. & Umemura, T. (2013). Japanese children’s reactions to the family photographs: Association found with their mothers’ attachment status. Infant and Child Development, 22, 289-296.
  • Behrens, K. Y., Hart, S. L., & Parker, A. C. (2012). Maternal sensitivity: Evidence of stability across time, contexts, and measurement instruments. Infant and Child Development, 21. 348-355.
  • Behrens, K. Y. & Kaplan, N. (2011). Japanese children’s family drawings and their link to attachment. Attachment and Human Development, 13, 437-450.
  • Behrens, K. Y., Parker, A. C., & Haltigan, J. D. (2011). Maternal sensitivity assessed during the strange situation predicts child’s attachment quality and reunion behaviors. Infant Behavior and Development, 34, 378-381.
  • Behrens, K. Y. & Kondo-Ikemura, K. (2011). Japanese children’s amae and mothers’ attachment status assessed on the AAI. International Journal of Psychology,46, 368-376.
  • Behrens, K. Y., Hesse, E., & Main, M. (2007). Mothers’ attachment status as determined by the Adult Attachment Interview predicts their 6-year- olds’ reunion responses: A study conducted in Japan. Developmental Psychology, 43, 1553-1567.
  • Behrens, K. Y. (2004). A multifaceted view of the concept of amae: Reconsidering the indigenous Japanese concept of relatedness. Human Development, 47, 1-27.


  • Principle of Psychology (PSY100)
  • Lifespan Development (PSY220)
  • History of Psychology (PSY405)
  • Senior Seminar – Psychosocial development (PSY493)
  • Special Topic – Parenting and culture (PSY490)

Professional Service

SUNY Poly committee

  • Member, Dean’s Search Committee (2015-2016)
  • Member, Committee for the Evaluation of Academic Administrators (2015–2016)
  • Member, Internal Review Board Committee (2014–present)
  • Member, Search Committee (2014-2015)
  • Member, General Education Assessment Committee (2013-2014)
  • Member, Academic Quality Committee (2012-2014)

Ad hoc Reviewer for:

  • Attachment and Human Development
  • Child Development
  • Early Childhood Research Quarterly
  • European Journal of Developmental Psychology
  • Human Development
  • International Perspectives in Psychology: Research, Practice, Consultation
  • Infant and Child Development
  • Journal of Child and Family Studies
  • Memory
  • Parenting
  • Psychological Reports
  • Social Development




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