Natalya Tokranova

Natalya Tokranova

Natalya Tokranova


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College of Nanoscale Science + Engineering


  • Ph.D. (Physics of Semiconductor and Dielectric) 1996, Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia
  • M.S. (Optoelectronic Devices) 1987, Leningrad Electrical Engineering Institute, Russia

Research Areas

  • MEMS
  • NEMS
  • optoelectronics
  • porous silicon
  • pressure sensors
  • solar cells

Description of Research

Dr. Tokranova's research interests focus on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) and nanosystems. Her current research projects are multidisciplinary and lie at the intersection of semiconductor materials and device physics, materials sciences, optics and biochemistry. They encompass two major research directions. 

The first is the design and fabrication of MEMS sensor and actuators, including pressure sensors and optical gratings, for various kinds of applications.

The second research focus is on nanoscale silicon structures, which are produced using electrochemical etching. Silicon with pore sizes from 1nm can be used for a wide variety of applications including photonics (e.g., photonic bandgap structures), photovoltaics (e.g., hybrid solar cells).

Professional Background

  • Research Scientist, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg, Russia (1987-2000)
  • College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, University at Albany (SUNY at Albany) (2000-present)

Recent Publications

  1. G. Potter, N. Tokranova, A. Rastegar, J. Castracane “Design, fabrication, and testing of surface acoustic devices for semiconductor cleaning applications” Microelectronic Engineering, V. 162, pp.100-104, 2016
  2. R. Porrazzo; L. Lydecker; S. Gattu; H.Bakhru; N. Tokranova and J.Castracane “Self-Balancing Position-Sensitive Detector ( SBPSD)” Sensors, 15(7), pp.17483-17494, 2015
  3. R. Porrazzo; G. Potter; L. Lydecker; N. Tokranova and J.Castracane “Mass sensing AlN sensors for waste water monitoring” Proceeding of SPIE V.9173, p.91730E, 2014
  4. N.A.Tokranova, S.W.Novak, J.Castracane, I.A.Levitsky “Deep infiltration of emissive polymers into mesoporous silicon microcavities: Nanoscale confinement and advanced vapor sensing” Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2013), 117 (44), pp.22667-22676
  5. X.He, N.Tokranova, W.Wang and R.Geer “Improved resistive switching properties in HfO2-based ReRAMs by Hf/Au doping” MRS proceeding, vol.1394 (2011) pp. mrsf11-1394-m03-31
  6. A.Gracias, N.Tokranova, B.C.M.Thelen, and J.Castracane “Influence of diamond nanoparticles on the thermal properties of benzocyclobutene (BCB)” Physica Status Solidi (a), 2011, 208 (3), pp.684-690
  7. N.M.Fahrenkopf; J.Vibhu, N.Tripathi, S.Oktyabrsky, F.Shahedipour-Sandvik;N. Tokranova;M. Bergkvist;N.C. Cady “Exploiting phosphate dependent DNA immobilization on HfO2, ZrO2, and AlGaN for integrated biosensors” MRS Proceedings (2010), Vol.1236E, pp.1236-SS05-16
  8. N.M.Fahrenkopf; F.Shahedipour-Sandvik;N. Tokranova;M. Bergkvist;N.C. Cady “Direct attachment of DNA to semiconducting surfaces for biosensor applications” Journal of Biotechnology (2010), 150(3), 312-314.
  9. M.R.Padgen, A.Gracias, N.Tokranova, N.Cady, and J.Castracane “SU-8 microfluidic channels with porous sidewalls for biological applications” Proceedings of SPIE (2009), 7207, pp.720707
  10. A.Gracias, N.Tokranova, S.Olson, and J.Castracane “A novel optical component for the development of an integrated interferometric system” Proceedings of SPIE (2009), 7212, pp.72120P
  11. D. Song, N. Tokranova, A. Gracias, J. Castracane “New approaches for chip-to-chip interconnects: integrating porous silicon with MOEMS” Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS (2008), 7(2), 021013/1-021013/8
  12. A. Gracias, N. Tokranova, J. Castracane “SU8-based static diffractive optical elements: wafer-level integration with VCSEL arrays” Proceedings of SPIE (2008), 6899, pp.68990J/1-68990J/9
  13. D. Song, N. Tokranova, A. Gracias, J. Castracane, “A porous silicon thermally tunable optical filter” Proceeding of SPIE (2008), 6887, pp.68870C/1-68870C/9
  14. J. Castracane, N. Tokranova, D. Song “Active silicon components for chip to chip interconnects” Proc.SPIE (2007), 6477, pp.647704/1-647704/10
  15. N. Tokranova, D. Song, A. Gracias, J. Castracane “Porous silicon 2D photonic crystals” Proc.SPIE (2007), 6480, pp.64800T/1-64800T/8
  16. I.A. Levitsky, W.B.Euler, N.Tokranova, A.Rose “Fluorescent polymer-porous silicon microcavity devices for explosive detection” Applied Physics Letters, 90, 2007, pp.041904/1-3
  17. I.A.Levitsky, W.B.Euler, N.Tokranova, A.Rose “Porous silicon microcavity coupled with fluorescence polymer as a sensor for detection of explosives” MRS Proceedings (2007), 1010E, p.1010-V04-03
  18. X. Feng; J. Castracane; N. Tokranova; A. Gracias; G. Lnenicka; B. G. Szaro “A living cell-based biosensor utilizing G-protein coupled receptors: principles and detection methods” Biosensors & bioelectronics (2007), 22(12), pp.3230-3237




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