Can my friends visit me in my residence hall room on the Utica campus?

Guests to the residence halls are defined as other currently registered SUNY Poly students. Visitors to the residence halls are defined as anyone who enters the residence halls who is not currently a student or a faculty/staff member tasked with working in the residence. Both student guests and visitors will be permitted to visit the residence halls in accordance with Residential Policy on Guests and Visitors.

  • At all times, all guests and visitors must be escorted and in the presence of a host that is a resident of the building they are visiting.
  • Guests and visitors must be in compliance with visitation policy, maximum stays, and obtain prior approval of all roommates and suitemates.
  • Please refer to the Student Handbooks, Residential Policies and Procedures for a list of all guest and visitor policies prior to visiting a residence hall at SUNY Poly.

This information is current at the time of publication of the FAQs, however, based upon CDC, SUNY, and other guidance and designations of a campus being within a “high risk” region, at that time in that location, this may be changed or revoked. The residential life team, in consultation with the COVID Operations Team, will assess the COVID-19 rates throughout the year and may update residential visitation policies with written email notice to all resident students.


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