If I plan to visit SUNY Polytechnic Institute, what must I do to comply with current COVID-19 related protocols?

Utica Campus Visitors

All visitors (including contractors, consultants, vendors, and other visitors) to the Utica campus should review the visitor screening webpage and abide by all expectations: https://webapp.sunypoly.edu/covid-screener/visitors/

As part of the protocols outlined at the webpage above:

  • The visitor screening must be completed by all contractors, consultants, vendors, and visitors who will have a physical presence on the SUNY Poly Utica campus inside buildings or working on facilities / grounds with SUNY Poly community members (e.g., employees, students, tenants). This includes subcontractors, suppliers, service personnel, guest speakers, accommodation assistants, tour participants, etc.
    • Note: This procedure and form submission do not apply to personnel providing deliveries. Please click the link for more details.
  • Each visitor must have a sponsor/host (an office or official).
  • The screening must be completed the day of the scheduled visit before arrival to campus.
  • All visitors are required to sign in and out at the sponsor/host office (during regular hours) or the University Police Office (B126 Kunsela Hall).
  • Please be aware of social distancing, face covering, and other requirements, which are also outlined on the screening webpage links above and below.
  • There are also expectations for visitors to notify their sponsor/host if their health status changes following their visit.
  • Full screening information, form (and how to submit) as well as additional protocols are available at: https://webapp.sunypoly.edu/covid-screener/visitors/

Regular visitors (those individuals who are on campus more than once and on a regular basis) are expected to comply with the Unaffiliated Entity requirements (Unaffiliated-Entity-Testing-Plan-Certification-6-30-2021.pdf (sunypoly.edu)) including certification of vaccination and/or testing program.   

Additional requirements may be enacted depending on federal, state, or local health regulations or local conditions.  Please check with the sponsor/host in advance of the visit in case requirements have changed.  

Albany Campus Visitors

Albany campus visitors must screen onsite and follow NY CREATES protocols. This includes checking in with security when arriving to campus (Park in the Visitor Lot after checking in at the guard shack in front of NanoFab East (NFE) and proceed to the security desk inside NFE.)


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