Direct Deposit Program

Most employees of the SUNY Polytechnic Institute paid on a lagged, annual salary basis are eligible and encouraged to participate in the State's direct deposit program. Participants have their pay electronically deposited directly into their bank accounts. Check stubs showing deductions and adjustments are still issued and are distributed to employees in accordance with procedures developed by the Accounting Office. Employees with low leave balances or poor attendance records, or who develop them, may be excluded from participation. Employees wishing to participate must complete an enrollment form (pdf) and forward to the Payroll Office.

To enroll in Direct Deposit and/or update your address:

Direct Deposit:

To enroll in direct deposit, please complete the enrollment form (pdf) (Section A and B)

You will also need to provide either a:

  • Voided check or
  • Online banking printout displaying the routing number and account number, or
  • Have your financial institution complete section C.

Please return this information to the Human Resource Office located in Kunsela Hall A011. Any questions may be directed to 315-792-7191.

n addition, the Human Resources Office would like to encourage employees to consider updating their contact information and signing up to receive their paychecks via direct deposit in SUNY self-service.

Bargaining Agreements

New York State Executive Branch employees are assigned to one of thirteen bargaining units or designated as Management/Confidential. The following is a list of Collective Bargaining Agreements that are related to the positions that are available at SUNY Poly. This comprehensive documentation has been provided by the Governor's office of Employee Relations and made available at along with other resources that may be of use. This documentation is also available through the Office of Human Resources.

Salary Charts

For your convenience, we have included current salary charts for all SUNY employees employed by the State of New York. Most classified service salary charts include 5 or 6 annual performance advancement steps which move appointees from the hiring rate to the job rate and longevity steps beyond the job rate on the 10th, 15th, or 20th year employment anniversary date. In the following charts, the performance advancement amount is shown but the result of incrementing it for each step is not. Also not shown are the longevity amounts or steps. For additional information or for higher salary grades not shown here, please contact the Office of Human Resources.


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