Institutional Research


The mission of Institutional Research is to provide an official source of institutional data and information to support institutional planning, assessment, enrollment management and accreditation. Institutional Research provides information to comply with the State University of New York, New York State Education Department and the United States Department of Education reporting requirements as well as maintaining SUNY Poly’s profile for prospective students and their families.

Institutional Research (IR) is SUNY Polytechnic Institute's (SUNY Poly) official source of institutional data and information. As a resource to the college community, the office supports institutional planning, institutional assessment, and enrollment management. IR also collects, analyzes, and reports a variety of information (e.g. enrollment data) about SUNY Poly to the college's internal and external constituencies.

Institutional Research coordinates the college's responses to a number of internal and external data requests/surveys, and works with the State University of New York central administration to meet the State's institutional reporting requirements. Data collection is used to assist the college with its national and specialized accreditation statistics and maintain SUNY Poly's profile in college guidebooks and publications for current and prospective students.

Valerie Fusco
Assistant Vice President for Institutional Research

Suzann Kimak
Institutional Research Assistant

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