Creative SUNY Poly Project Allows Elementary Students to Imagine Bright Educational Future

Creative SUNY Poly Project Allows Elementary Students to Imagine Bright Educational Future

Friday, November 30, 2018 - 11:07
SUNY Poly Faculty in the News
SUNY Poly Students in the News
Boylan Project

They may be focused on learning the basics—reading, writing, math, and science—but pre-K and elementary students in the Dolgeville Central School District and Family Outreach Program will gain a glimpse of the exciting long-term educational pathways that are available to them as a result of SUNY Polytechnic Institute students taking part in SUNY Poly’s interdisciplinary “Art and Culture” course.

By creating “Imagine Yourself Boards,” which feature 4x8 plywood boards that have been cut out with artistic representations of academic and professional offerings the young students may one day choose to pursue, the boards allow young students to have their photo taken to more fully see themselves taking part in exciting academic programs.

“We aim to depict the academic and professional offerings that one can learn about at SUNY Poly, both to inspire the young students in general to envision themselves in the career possibilities that we offer here,” said Dr. Kristina Boylan, SUNY Poly Associate Professor of History, who is spearheading this effort. “We are not only thrilled to provide them with this information, but we are also pleased to share some more concrete information on those same possibilities offered by other SUNY schools as well.”

The young students will be able to see themselves in a variety of roles, such as a computer scientist, health information specialist, and civil engineer. By taking pictures with and otherwise discussing the "Imagine Yourself Boards," the children at DCSD pre-K and elementary school programs will have the opportunity to become familiar with professions and practitioners that they otherwise might not be informed about or envision themselves in.

Dolgeville Elementary looks forward to presenting the “Imagine Yourself Boards” in the school lobby to challenge students to think more about who they can become when they grow up. “Our collaboration with SUNY Polytechnic Institute aligns with Dolgeville Central School’s mission, ‘to send students into the world well prepared,’” said DCS Elementary Principal Crystal Chrisman. “We look forward to challenging our students to set goals and to be productive and positive citizens.”

As part of the effort, a number of students in Dr. Boylan’s class were tasked with reaching out to at least one faculty member who teaches in each degree program at SUNY Poly in order to conduct a brief interview and obtain information about the exciting programs that SUNY Poly offers, as well as other similar programs at area SUNY schools.

A critique open to the public will be held on Thursday, December 6 from 11:00 a.m. to noon in the Project-Based lab (Donovan G225), and the boards will be on display for further viewing and public comment in Cayan Library room L219 from December 7-13.