Editor's Pick in Applied Physics Letters August 2017

Applied Physics Letters chooses SUNY Poly research for Editor's Pick

Wednesday, August 23, 2017 - 10:23
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Professor Nathaniel Cady

Several members of the SUNY Polytechnic Institute community have reason to celebrate as their research receives worldwide recognition and publication in a prestigious peer-reviewed journal.


“Pulse Width and Height Modulation for Multi-Level Resistance in bi-layerTaOx based RRAM” was recently selected as an Editor’s Pick in Applied Physics Letters, highlighted on the journal’s homepage the week of August 20, 2017.


The paper was co-authored by CNSE Graduate Student Zahiruddin Alamgir, Nanoelectronics Post-Doctoral Associate at the Research Foundation Karsten Beckmann, CNSE Graduate Student Joshua Holt, and CNSE Associate Professor Dr. Nathaniel Cady.


According to the manuscript abstract, “Mutli-level switching in resistive memory devices enables a wide range of computational paradigms, including neuromorphic and cognitive computing. To this end, we have developed a bi-layer tantalum oxide based resistive random access memory device using Hf as the oxygen exchange layer. Multiple, discrete resistance levels were achieved by modulating the RESET pulse width and height, ranging from 2 kΩ to several MΩ. For a fixed pulse height, OFF state resistance was found to increase gradually with the increase in the pulse width, whereas for a fixed pulse width, the increase in the pulse height resulted in drastic changes in resistance. Resistive switching in these devices transitioned from Schottky emission in the OFF state to tunneling based conduction in the ON state, based on I-V curve fitting and temperature dependent current measurements. These devices also demonstrated endurance of more than 108 cycles with a satisfactory Roff/Ron ratio and retention greater than 104 s.”

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