SUNY Poly’s Adam McLain Publishes Genomic Research in BMC Genomics

SUNY Poly’s Adam McLain Publishes Genomic Research in BMC Genomics

Thursday, October 21, 2021 - 09:53
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Figure of golden lion tamarin from research by Sydney McGraw

SUNY Poly Assistant Professor of Biology Dr. Adam McLain, with researchers from the University of Minnesota, published genome and epigenome-focused research in BMC Genomics.

The mitochondrial genome and epigenome of the golden lion tamarin, an endangered primate found in the coastal forests of Brazil, has been sequenced at a high level of coverage using a novel method. We extracted DNA from a fecal sample collected from a tamarin named Arie, who is resident at the Utica Zoo, and sequenced it using a Nanopore sequencing device capable of being powered by a laptop computer.

This methodology holds great promise for future on-site sequencing of non-invasive samples collected in field research and promises to remove many of the hurdles to doing this kind of work on the ground in developing countries where traditional DNA sequencing technologies may be unaffordable or difficult to access. Fecal DNA extraction is also far less traumatic to a study animal than blood or tissue sampling. This study is a promising glimpse at the future of field-based genetic research.

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Graphic Courtesy: Sydney McGraw