John J. Sullivan Professional Development Award

The John J. Sullivan Professional Development Award is bestowed to graduate students to further enable experiential and scholarly opportunities within nanotechnology or related fields during their studies. Graduate students with strong classroom and laboratory academic records are encouraged to apply. Application deadlines are November 15, February 15, and May 15 with a maximum of $26,000 ($8,600 for each deadline) available. Typically, awards are approximately $2,000. Requests for tool repair will be excluded.

This award is intended to offset the cost of experiential and scholarly opportunities such as:

  • Training events and programs
  • Research experiences – academic and within industry (domestic & international)
  • Patent development
  • Workshop travel or attendance
  • Conference travel or registration
  • Other professional development activity (please describe in application)


Applicants must be enrolled and in good academic standing within the graduate program at SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s (SUNY Poly) Colleges of Nanoscale Science + Engineering (CNSE) and must have passed the written qualifying exam at the PhD level—typically 2nd to 4th year students.

Application Requirements:
Graduate students interested in applying should submit the following by November 15, February 15, or May 15:

  1. Letter of intent: a) Outline the purpose of the award and include a rough estimate of expenses. b) Include how the opportunity will benefit the student experience, enhance professional growth, and (when relevant) potentially how the opportunity may impact the student body overall at CNSE & SUNY Poly (1-2 pages).
  2. 1 Letter of Recommendation from a CNSE mentor
  3. Resume/CV

Awardee Expectations:

  • Provide a presentation on the experience during the spring colloquium the following year
  • Thank you letter to donor’s family outlining the value of the experience, submitted within one year of the award

Awardee Recognition:

  • Name and experience featured on SUNY Poly webpage/social media
  • Name featured on plaque outside of the John J. Sullivan Auditorium

Watch J. Sullivan Professional Development Award recipients present their experiences as part of the SUNY Poly CNSE Colloquium Series.


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