Dr. Gallup is a biopsychologist and the director of the Adaptive Behavior and Cognition (ABC) Lab and coordinator of the Evolutionary Behavioral Studies Program at SUNY Poly.

Recent Lab News

  • Dr. Gallup publishes a review article in Animal Behaviour on the causes and consequences of yawning in animal groups
  • In a collaboration with colleagues in Florida and the Netherlands, Dr. Gallup publishes the largest study ever conducted on contagious yawning humans in Scientific Reports
  • As part of an extensive international collaborative, Dr. Gallup publishes the largest study on yawning ever conducted in Communications Biology, providing further evidence that yawning evolved as an adaptation for cooling the brain
  • Dr. Gallup co-edits Special Issue with Robert Deaner in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences on sports, games, and athletics in evolutionary perspective
  • Former student, Kaitlyn Meyers, co-authors article with Dr. Gallup published in Animal Cognition providing the first evidence for a social function to yawning
  • Dr. Gallup is interviewed by Richardo Lopes on The Dissenter where he discusses aggression, handgrip strength, and yawning
  • Dr. Gallup publishes invited commentary is published Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews on link between emotional contagion and contagious yawning
  • Former student, Erik Sleicher, co-authors article with Dr. Gallup published in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences introducing the right-sided selection hypothesis
  • Dr. Gallup is a signatory on published article in Science discussing systemic racism in higher education

Active Research Areas

  • Yawning and brain thermoregulation
  • Sports and athletics in evolutionary perspective
  • Contagious yawning and threat detection
  • Painkilling medication and evolutionary mismatch
  • Contagious behavior and social cognition
  • Perceptions of occupations that involve maintenance
  • Handgrip strength as a fitness indicator
  • Snake Detection Theory

Current Collaborations

  • Charalampos Chelmis & Daphney Zois, University at Albany
  • Robert Deaner, Grand Valley State University
  • Omar Tonsi Eldakar, Nova Southeastern University
  • Alan Kingstone, University of British Columbia
  • Jorg J.M. Massen, Utrecht University
  • Andrew Russell, SUNY Polytechnic Institute
  • Lee Vinsel, Virginia Polytechnic Institute

Undergraduate Lab Members (past and present)

  • Sabina Wozny (Spring 2022)
  • Brook Taverne (Spring 2021)
  • Joelle Ceneviva (Spring 2020-Fall 2020)
  • Samantha Robitaille (Fall 2019-Spring 2020)
  • Kaitlyn Meyers (Fall 2019)
  • Erik Sleicher (Summer 2019)
  • Bruna Rosic (Spring 2019)
  • Krista Pietruch (Summer 2018)
  • Jeff Clemishaw (2017-2018)
  • Brianda Gagnon (Spring 2018-Fall 2019)
  • Emily Garrigan (Fall 2018)
  • William Peplinski (Spring 2018)
  • Gillian Perry (Fall 2018-Fall 2019)
  • Taylor Pratt (Spring 2018)


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