Nick Karker won Best Poster at the 2017 Electronics Packaging Symposium held at General Electric for his work on “Bio-inspired and planar film nanostructures for high temperature sensing of non-condensable gases” – September 2017

Mayrita Arrandale won an EPA Fellowship through the Syracuse CARTI program – August 2007

Michael Carpenter was interviewed on the NanoNow TV show, February 2007

Nano Career Day at the UAlbany College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering, May 23, 2006

Quantum Dots for the DOT – 2005

Rezina Siddique was awarded a prestigious Intel-SRC Masters fellowship beginning Fall 2005, which will be used for her research on silica nanowires

Rezina Siddique was selected as a M.S. level University at Albany Valedictorian during the Spring 2005 semester.

Michael Carpenter was awarded a Promising Inventor Award on November 4, 2004 by the Research Foundation – State University of New York, for recognition of filing his first invention disclosure for technology related to the All-Optical Hydrogen Sensor program

CNSE/Union College collaboration results in Union College undergraduate participation at SRC conference

UAlbany Nanosciences professors are taking local high school seniors to the forefront of nanosciences in a novel internship program -2003


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