Collaborative Projects

The following websites and projects were created in collaboration with SUNY Poly students and in some cases, local organizations: 

  • The Refugees Starting Over in Utica, NY project, also called “Starting Over” for short, was initiated in 2012 with assistance from IDT student Katie Reilly and staff members Kevin Volo and Lynne Browne, among others, and has gradually become an information hub by, for, and about refugees:
  • Highlights from Dr. Stam’s photo collection were compiled and turned into this website by IDT student Doug Cohen. The site received an award from Welcoming America and included an invitation to celebrate at the White House in 2015:
  • Facebook photos of Resettled Refugees, co-curated by Kathryn Stam and Lynne Browne, are available for viewing here:
  • The International Artists of Utica project is an effort to connect the campus, community, and refugees living locally, in celebration of refugees’ cultures and dance traditions, and is facilitated through MUCC:
  • The Midtown Utica Community Center (MUCC) serves everyone, including refugees and low-income people who live in the midtown neighborhood of Utica. Dr. Stam is on the Board of Directors and volunteers at MUCC, as well as including students in internships and other service learning there:
  • Dr. Stam is advisor of a regional student group called American and Refugee Students for Closer Connection, with most of the activity being held on its Facebook group:
  • In Spring of 2017, Azra Kadic helped compile resources and create this Refugee-Related Resources in Utica, NY website:
  • IDT student Amy Pondolfino created this Refugees Then/Now website as a part of an IDT projects class:


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