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Research: Technology to Therapy

Traumatic Neurodegeneration Overview
Spinal Cord Injury

Neural ribbon circuits

Neural Stem Cell Biology
Neural Ribbon Encapsulation
Circuitry & Signaling
MEA & ePhys
NMJs, ECM, Injury niche
(Animal models)
Transplantation cell therapies require a robust reproducible and patient adaptable cell delivery platform for neuroprotection, cell retention, and circuitry neuro-regeneration with homotypic cells.
Traumatic Brain Injury-TBI NCCIM (Microchip Sensor)
Photolithography platforms
High throughput multiplex detection platform
Trauma disrupts architectures of cell-cell microenvironments and alters cytokine signaling. Multiplex tracking Informs on new pathways and biomarkers
Neurodegeneration and Aging Overview
Microfluidic Array
Neuronal platform
The complex cytoskeleton of axons- including intermediate filaments, actin and microtubules interact with binding partners and cargo to form a unique functional microarchitecture that is disrupted in neurodegenerative diseases
Bioelectronics Overview
Neural Circuits SCI in vitro to in vivo therapeutic Platforms
Neural Ribbons
Encapsualted neurons and oligodendrocytes form a 3D neurotransmitter responsive network.
Mobile Opioid Detector Detector/Biosensor The mu opioid receptor (MOR) expressed in human neurons is an ideal biosensor to integrate into MEMS for mobile detection needs.
Computational and Neuromorphic Overview
Artificial Axon
Artificial Synapse
Computational Neuroscience
Neuromorphic Hardware
The challenge to track axonal dynamics while applying high- resolution imaging is not yet achieved. To fill gaps we generate informative mathematical models to guide experimentation and increase computational speed in neuromorphic hardware
Other Disease Areas & Applications Overview
Heart Disease Nanotechnology platforms
We use cardiomyocytes as models of human arrhythmias and cardiac diseases.
Diabetes Bioprocessing Scaffolds The ability to produce high quantity mature -islet cells is a bioprocessing challenge that may be met by combining stem cell technologies with novel cell-interacting platforms and designs.


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