Residential Life + Housing

Welcome to Residential Life!

Our residence halls in Utica are more than just a place to sleep and hang your clothes. They’re places to learn about yourself and others, while meeting all kinds of people – some from right down the road, others from around the world. Living in one of our residence halls lets you experience different lifestyles, ideas, and points of view and get involved in campus life.


The mission of the Residential Life and Housing Office is to provide a unique residential program which enables all students to enhance their educational and social experiences through interaction with faculty, staff, and peers in a residential community. The Office of Residential Life and Housing is guided by the principles of providing students with a safe, healthy and engaging living/learning environment. In partnership with the Student Affairs Office, the Residential Life and Housing program supports the overall academic mission of SUNY Poly.

Core Values

  • Make it an adventure
  • Go beyond the expected
  • Cultivate the eccentric
  • Attention to relationships

Your SUNY Poly Community

Residential life experiences often makes up a large part of the memories you will take with you from your college career, and SUNY Poly provides the resources for a fun, engaging campus community. Learn more about housing options on SUNY Poly’s campus, more about residential life, professional staff, safety + security, forms + policies, and more.


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