Transferring into the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

If you are interested in transferring into our Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), you must have been enrolled in either an Educational Opportunity Program or its equivalent in your current (or previous) college studies. If your previous institution did not have an EOP or equivalent program then we will need to verify your eligibility using your financial and high school information. Please note the availability of this program is dependent on available funding.

Documentation Needed

  • EOP Verification (for students transferring from an EOP/HEOP/SEEK or College Discovery Program)
  • Copy of tax documents from the year of high school graduation please visit our EOP eligibility page for more details
  • High School transcript/ GED Transcript
  • SAT/ACT Scores
  • All college transcripts
  • The EOP Program is a state-funded initiative designed to provide an alternative means to gain access to college. Its goal is to assist you if your academic achievement was adversely affected by family financial hardship.

In addition to providing access to college, the EOP Program offers the following personal and academic support services:

  • Identification of financial resources to cover college costs
  • A personal advisor whose services are available throughout your undergraduate college career
  • A free, comprehensive tutoring program
  • A workshop series focused on skills needed to succeed in college.
  • In order to apply for this Program, simply answer “yes” to the Educational Opportunity Program question on the application.


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