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Here you can find all of your writing and communication needs. Writing a paper? We’ve got you covered. Working on a speech? We’ll listen. Looking for new writing assignment ideas? Let’s talk!

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Vision and Mission

SUNY Poly’s Writing and Communications Center (WCC) looks to serve the university community by helping students build upon their working knowledge of fundamental writing and communication skills i.e., developing writing processes and developing literacy, and critical analytical skills. Recognizing individual students’ histories, making room for differences, and validating students’ perspectives in the center allows us to encourage individual, creative discovery as students engage the world, cultivate knowledge, and become participants in their own learning.

Offering flexible, student-centered practices and collaborative work, the WCC’s Professional Writing Consultants (PWCs) are dedicated to the center’s emphasis of ongoing, long-term improvement. Thus, our pursuits offer students, PWCs, and faculty a framework rich with professional development and individual, instructional, and programmatic growth opportunities. Following a tradition of service by prioritizing continual professional development opportunities, the WCC’s PWCs continually strive to develop their practices as we aim to cultivate a culture of writing developing solidarity with our students, faculty, staff, and community.

With a drive to build collaboration with our colleagues across campus, our pursuits aim to develop and offer a self-sustaining community that will support the university community’s exploration of context and discipline-specific writing throughout the university. Building bridges within the university community—as well as with the university’s surrounding community—by fostering collaboration, encouraging participatory action, and encouraging intense, practical engagement, provides students, PWCs, faculty, staff, and community members many unique opportunities to see their work as a value-creating practice.


The WCC offers 45-minute scheduled consultations and 30-minute drop-in consultations. We also offer conferences in both face-to-face and virtual formats. For more information, see our Visiting page

The following are some common assignments or topics with which we can assist:

  • Traditional essays
  • PowerPoints
  • Creative writing 
  • Journals and responses
  • Bibliographies and outlines
  • Anything written for which we can reasonably give feedback regarding its formatting, grammar, syntax, organization, and/or general readability
  • Brainstorming sessions

Interested in Becoming a Student Writing Consultant (SWC)?

Becoming a WCC SWC offers the eager student opportunities for professional and individual growth as they help their peers work through the writing and communication demands of the university. Developing a rapport with their student and faculty colleagues situates the SWC well as they engage their world head-on. Find out how you can join our team by signing up or logging in to Handshake!


The WCC is available to give class presentations on our services at your request! These presentations typically last between 10-15 minutes as we take students through our web-site, show them how to register with the WCC, and outline our services for them. If you would like a specified presentation i.e., avoiding plagiarism, how to integrate source material into a text, or even a custom presentation, we will be happy to accommodate you! 

We also host regular workshops for faculty! For more information, just click on Faculty Workshops or Resources links on the left for more information.

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