Meets first Thursday of the month 

Nick LeJeune, Chair 2022-2024 (2nd term)

  • Se Jung Kim
  • Rebecca Weldon
  • Robert Yeh
  • Marie Odile-Richard
  • Zahid Aktar
  • Cynthia Grabski
  • Andriana Semko

2017 - 2018 Academic Year

October 2017 Minutes (PDF): Issues Addressed (1) Summer Update by IT (2) Email Merger (3) New Website (4) Out of Date Equipment/Obtaining New Computers for Faculty (6) Usage Policy Brief Update (7) ADA Compliance

2016 - 2017 Academic Year

November 2016 Minutes (PDF): (1) October Minutes Approval (read and approved); (2) Update on Concerns for Email Merger; (3) Budget Update; (4) Print station solutions response; (5) Review of hardware and software procurement procedure; (6) Request for a survey of faculty hardware/upgrades for outdated equipment; (7) Monitoring of critical IT infrastructure; (8) Website Update 

2012 - 2013 Academic Year

August 2012 Minutes (PDF) nfrastructure request to have Service Desk client installed to provide inventory control of faculty hardware/software.  No decision made pending review of privacy issues. Committee also reviewing adding review of software purchases school wide to its charge.

Sept. 2012 Minutes (PDF) began looking at acceptable use policy; discussion of ServiceDesk plus software for tracking and updating school equipment.

Oct. 2012 Minutes (PDF) The committee passed a motion approving use of the Service Desk client based on assurances that it will not impact the privacy of faculty materials.

Nov. 2012 Minutes (PDF) The committee passed a motion unanimously to support the hiring of a Director of Distance Learning and Instructional Design.

Feb 2013 Minutes (PDF) Discussion of Open SUNY; The committee passed a motion 4-2 to support to approve a new password policy. 

2011 - 2012 Academic Year

Feb. 2012 Minutes (PDF) Elizabeth Tolman, Kevin Volo and Zachary Wasielewski added to the ex officio staff are on this committee.  The instructional technologist search committee selected Kevin Volo as the new Instructional Technologist.

March 2012 Minutes (PDF) nfrastructure Presentation on IT changes and updates

Sept. 2011 Minutes (PDF) Updates on Academic records, Learning Commons, Angel

Oct. 2011 Minutes (PDF) First motion regarding requirement for faculty approval for access to online courses, nfrastructure assessment

Nov. 2011 Minutes (PDF) Motions Approved: Online archive, decommissioned,  online classes not opened until the regular start of classes; re-negotiate our contract with Google so we can add resources not currently covered

2010 - 2011 Academic Year

January 2011 Minutes (PDF) Intellectual property, digital academic records, Learning Commons, Angel upgrade, Elluminate license, Quality Matters

February 2011 Minutes (PDF) Angel Updates, copyright

March 2011 Minutes (PDF) Initial motion on copyright

April 2011 Minutes (PDF) Final motion on copyright, online course accreditation, update on DART, Learning Commons

Copyright motion approved by Faculty Assembly on May 5, 2011


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