Mission + Vision Statements


SUNY Polytechnic Institute serves as an intellectually vibrant, creative, and stimulating environment for innovation, education, and outreach that prepares its students to apply basic and applied knowledge to challenges, complexities, and opportunities to advance our modern technological society. SUNY Poly: 

  • Provides an affordable, comprehensive, and integrated range of undergraduate and graduate educational and research programs of the highest quality; 
  • Provides students with a well-rounded education to prepare them as future leaders in a dynamic and diverse world by demonstrating the interconnectedness of knowledge and cultures and emphasizing the importance of continuous learning; 
  • Engages in the formulation and dissemination of new discoveries, exciting innovations, stimulating research endeavors, and fundamental and applied knowledge through research and creative inquiry; 
  • Fosters economic development and creates educational opportunities within New York, the nation, and beyond and promotes responsibility and commitment to public service; and 
  • Serves as a leader for innovation throughout its educational program, from theoretical principles to practical applications. 


SUNY Polytechnic Institute is a vibrant community engaged in the pursuit of scholarship, public service, and intellectual and creative endeavors. SUNY Poly is a premier polytechnic institution dedicated to improving society by advancing knowledge—and its application—and promoting entrepreneurship and economic development. 


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