Robotics Lab

The robotics lab is utilized for both research and training purposes in areas of sensors, controls and the programming and operation of robotics systems. This facility will be undergoing a significant expansion in 2021 & 2022 within areas of advanced and smart manufacturing systems as well as robotics training stations. 

This state-of-the-art facility currently includes:

  • Baxter - This smart, collaborative robot that redefines the use of industrial automation in manufacturing environments as well as a suite of mobile robots, both of which are being used in the research of Dr. Yu Zhou, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering.    
  • FIRST Robotics Team #5030, The Second Mouse - This award winning FIRST robotics team has earned a berth to the FIRST robotics world championship three out of the last five years. The team is a regional collaboration and is comprised of area high school students mentored by SUNY Poly Engineering and Computer Science mentors.



Baxter is a human-sized dual-arm robot that can be programmed to carry out industrial pick-and-place manipulations. Sensors are equipped to allow Baxter to adapt to its environment.

Pioneer 3-DX is a compact two-wheel differential-drive mobile robot with onboard sensors for localization and environment adaptation. Each robot can be programmed to perform navigation and exploration tasks.

Mobile Robotics


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