Digital Prototyping Lab

The Digital Prototyping Lab allows for students to get a familiarity with more advanced machinery that requires computer usage or programming. Classes like Computer Aided Manufacturing teach students how to properly create their designs and code so that the machinery can produce a finished product. Most of the machinery here runs on CNC programming except for the bandsaws.

The Digital Prototyping Lab consists of five major machines:

  • 5-Axis HAAS UMC 750SS
    • CNC Milling machine that can cut on the x, y, and z axes as well as rotate cut around the x and y axes in the B and C axis.
  • OMAX Abrasive Waterjet
    • CNC programmed jet stream with a mixture of water/garnet is able to cut metal up to 8 inches thick of steel  and 11 inches of aluminum.  
  • IPG Photonics LaserCube
    • Programmable laser system for cutting 4x4 foot sheets using infrared laser light, otherwise known as a fiber laser
  • DoALL 400S Horizontal Bandsaw
  • DoALL Vertical Bandsaw


IPG Fiber Laser cutter

The IPG Fiber Laser cutter is primarily used for MTC-342, (CAM) and with student clubs. This tool is very accurate and can cut up to 4'x4' x 1/8" metals.

The OMAX abrasive water jet is also used by MTC-342 and student clubs. It is used to cut a variety of material and is capable of cutting up to 8" thick steel or 11" thick aluminum.

OMAX abrasive water jet


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