Machine Tools Lab

The Machine Tools Lab allows students to get hands on experience with machining metal to manufacture parts. Students are able to see the process of a machined workpiece, from design to finished part.

The Machine Tools Lab consists of the following CNC machines:

  • 4 - 3 axis Prototrak Milling Machine
    • Uses rotary cutters to remove material from a workpiece on the x, y, and z axis
  • 4 - 2 axis Prototrak Engine Lathes   
    • Rotates the workpiece against rigid cutting tools across the x and z axes


Machine Tools Lab

The Machine Tools Lab is used to train students taking MTC-211, (manufacturing process) and MTC-342, (computer aided mfg.) classes.

The 3 Axis Proto Trak milling machine is located in our Machine Tools Lab.

3 axis Proto Trak milling machine


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