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SUNY Poly’s colleges offer studies in everything from nanoscience to engineering. Business to natural sciences. Nursing to nanoengineering. Mathematics to communication. Social sciences to nanobioscience. Cybersecurity. Humanities. Computer science–and more. These exciting, relevant courses and majors are targeted to enable students to achieve success in growing 21st century career fields. Learn more below about each of SUNY Poly’s colleges and find out which one can best power your future: 

College of Arts + Sciences

SUNY Poly’s College of Arts & Sciences cultivates the knowledge, understanding, and worldview essential to enable individuals to participate fully in an increasingly complex world. As a premier academic community, we apply critical perspectives, advances research, and solves problems of contemporary globalized societies.

We offer high quality programs in the Arts and Sciences that provide students with distinctive educational experiences deeply informed by their inclusion within the SUNY Poly ecosystem. Graduates are well prepared to address the technological, cultural, and social complexities of an increasingly globalized world and to bring an entrepreneurial sensibility to their futures, especially within our region and New York State. Through our programs, we create intellectual and educational diversity at SUNY Polytechnic Institute and foster multiple perspectives and different forms of expertise as we strive to meet educational needs of the region, the state, and beyond.

By engaging scholarly and creative pursuits, we create knowledge and apply this knowledge to the world around us. We share our knowledge through critical, creative, and interdisciplinary thinking within our disciplines, with our students, and through collaborative ventures with the community.

We provide the foundational and integrative core of each student's education through general education and service curricula. We cultivate fluency in the scientific, mathematical, and humanistic ways of thinking that are shaping and reshaping modern society, understand and engage in the social, cultural and political complexities of the world, and appreciate, interpret, and contribute to the diverse forms of human experience and expression that define who we are and what we seek to achieve.

College of Business

The College of Business offers an array of degree programs. Bachelor’s degrees encompass three distinct fields of study: Accounting, Business Administration, and Finance. Graduate degrees include Master of Science in Accountancy, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Technology Management.

In addition, a post-bachelor’s Advanced Certificate in Forensic Accounting and Valuation is now available. We also provide academic minors in Accounting, Business Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resources Management, and Marketing, which are for SUNY Poly students to add to their major field of study.

The College of Business is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the hallmark of excellence in business education.

College of Engineering

Whether it be Civil, Electrical, Industrial, Mechanical, or Computer Engineering, we provide our students with a combination of foundational material and hands-on practical experiences that allow them to succeed in the workplace or in graduate school. The students in each of our many engineering programs receive a solid foundation of courses on which they can build interdisciplinary projects, opportunities for internships, involvement in extracurricular activities, independent studies and research to build an unmatched educational experience which will propel them toward success. 

College of Health Sciences

We offer professional academic degrees across a wide range of disciplinary areas. Our nationally-ranked graduate programs in Nursing (MS) offer many professionals great opportunities to advance their careers.

The College of Health Sciences specializes in health-related undergraduate programs such as Nursing, Health Information Management, and Community Behavioral Health. Our academic excellence has been endorsed by many global professional accreditation agencies and committees. The College of Health Sciences receives a full CCNE accreditation membership for all of its Nursing undergraduate and graduate programs.

The College also receives a full CAHIIM accreditation membership for its Health Information Management program. Please check out our individual degree program webpages to find out more about these globally accredited academic programs and their curricula.

Our academic programs at SUNY Poly’s College of Health Sciences train students to be responsible and ethical community citizens in their roles as organization leaders, problem solvers, medical caregivers, business entrepreneurs and industry innovators. Join our academic programs and research projects to become a part of our legacy of success in technology, innovation, and education.


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