College of Engineering

Hands-on practical learning to give students the knowledge and skills necessary for future success

Welcome to the College of Engineering. We pride ourselves on providing our students with a combination of foundational material and hands-on practical experiences that allows them to succeed in the workplace or in graduate school.

Within the College of Engineering, students in each program get a solid foundation of courses on which they can build interdisciplinary projects, opportunities for internships, involvement in extracurricular activities, independent studies and research to build a degree which will allow them to succeed.

We are currently in a growth phase, adding programs in cyber security and engineering to the existing programs in computer science and engineering technology. As the programs grow, so do opportunities on the campus. These are some of the opportunities in which our students will be able to be involved.

The Computer Chip Commercialization Center is located adjacent to the campus and will house GE and other tenants. The heart of the facility is two 26,000 square foot clean rooms. Internships and research opportunities working with our faculty should become available as the companies move in during 2017.

The Center for Global Advanced Manufacturing (CGAM) is a $10 million investment by the State of New York to provide a state of the art manufacturing space at SUNY Poly. The space will provide rapid prototyping equipment, scanning and testing equipment, a maker space collaborative design studio and project room for use by students working on class projects, as part of a Maker Space project, or to conduct research.

Assistive Technology Labs where students and faculty work together to develop, design, and build devices to help people with physical disabilities. The goal is to help with mobility and manipulation of the environment. Examples include enhancements to wheelchairs and prosthetics to enable computer access and adaptive sports.

Network and Computer Security (NCS) Club where students are engaged throughout the semester in many activities, including developing and maintaining their own group hackspace (server rack, network infrastructure, WiFi, Raspberry Pi, etc.), hosting and participating in a regional hackathon, hosting external industry speakers, and participating in industry cybersecurity events such as B-Sides ROC, DerbyCon, and international CTF (Capture the Flag) competitions online. Our team recently placed second in the North East Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (NECCDC), besting a number of much larger clubs in the northeast.

Robotics Lab where students and faculty are working on developing new methods for robots to interact with each other and their surroundings.

Dynamics and Vibrations Lab which is looking at modeling vibration and chatter in large milling machines so that operators can determine optimal cutting speeds.

The IEEE Student Club gives students the opportunity to meet and learn from fellow students, as well as faculty members and professionals in the field. As an active IEEE Student Branch, it is one of the more positive elements in the department, offering numerous educational, technical, and professional activities as well as providing direct involvement with the local IEEE Section membership activities through special projects, meetings, tours and field trips.

BAJA Club, students design, build, and test an off-road vehicle to compete in regional and national events sponsored by the Society of Automotive Engineers.

Steel bridge and concrete canoe competitions. Students design and build steel bridges and concrete canoes to compete in regional American Society of Civil Engineering competitions.

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