BS/MS Computer Science - Admissions Criteria

First-Year Admission

Applications are invited from well prepared high school seniors possessing a high school average of 91 or higher with four years of coursework in math and science. Successful completion of both pre-calculus and physics is strongly encouraged.

Transfer Admission

Applications are invited from well prepared transfer students who have completed a minimum of 48 credit hours of college coursework with an overall GPA of at least 3.0, and 3.20 in their selected major. In addition, the following courses or their equivalents must be completed with grades of B for admission consideration:

  • CS 108 – Computing Fundamentals
  • CS 240 – Data Structures & Algorithms
  • CS 249 – Object-Oriented Programming
  • MAT 115 – Finite Mathematics or MAT 413 – Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science
  • Mathematics Elective (Calculus, Linear Algebra, or Statistics)


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