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The CMD program* deals with all aspects of media content creation, including the planning, organizing, writing, and designing of information and communications.

Students in the Communications and Media Design (CMD) program learn through studio-based education and real world experience. Both help prepare students for a variety of careers.

Studio-Based Education

Students engage in the design, production, writing, and editing of digital media content, including graphic design, interactive media, application and web design, as well as photography, animation and video content production. The program studies how social media tools impact information preparation, organization, and delivery. Students develop a strong understanding of best practices and gain familiarity with techniques to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of digital media in communications.

Real World Experience

Students will work with clients in professional situations under the direction of media managers, designers, lead writers, documentation specialists, or publication managers as a part of their senior-level practicum and portfolio classes.


Graduates from the program find employment in interactive media and game design, social media strategy, web design, professional writing and editing, video production, instructional design technologies, training and teaching, communication management, computer documentation, public relations, graphic design, document design, and professions that have not yet been invented yet.

*The Communications and Media Design (CMD) program was formerly known as the Communication and Information Design (CID) program

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