Health Informatics - Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Health Informatics program curriculum consists of 11 courses, each worth 3 credits. A minimum of 33 credits is required to graduate from the program. Furthermore, 27 of these 33 credits must be taken at SUNY Poly to comply with the graduate school residency requirements.

The following table presents the listing of all courses in the proposed program.

Course # Course Title Credits Prerequisite
TIM 500 Project Management 3 None
HI 501 Health Care Informatics 3 None
HI 509 Legal Issues in Health Informatics 3 None
HI 520 Standardized Code Sets and Medical Terminologies 3 None
HI 530 Computational Informatics 3 None
HI 540 Human-Technology Interaction in Health Care 3 None
HI 550 Information Security in Health Informatics 3 None
HI 600 Quality Improvement in Health Informatics 3 None
HI 610 Databases in Health Informatics 3 None
HI 620 Health Information Governance 3 All other courses except HI 699
HI 699 Health Informatics Practicum/Project 3 Co/pre HI 620

HI 620 and HI 699 can only be taken in the last two semesters of the program to accommodate a capstone project. 


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