Health Information Management - Professional Practice Experience (PPE)

Each student in the program completes two professional practice experiences (PPEs)*.

The first PPE (3 credits) is completed between the junior year and the senior year. This is normally a summer course and students should be prepared to pay summer tuition/fees. In this PPE, the student spends three weeks full time in a hospital health information department. The PPE provides the student with the opportunity to gain practical experience in the technical aspects of health information management.

The second PPE (3 credits) is taken for three weeks during the last semester of the senior year. It takes place in the health information services area of a healthcare or health-related organization. This PPE focuses on management aspects.

Additional expenses may be incurred during the PPEs for transportation, housing, health testing and proper work attire. Every effort is made to place students in organizations that are within reasonable commuting distance of SUNY Polytechnic Institute or the student’s hometown. The decision regarding the proper placement of the student is made by the program faculty.

* Note: Transfer students with an associate degree from a CAHIIM accredited HIT program may transfer the equivalent of the first technical-level PPE.


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