Family Nurse Practitioner - Degree Requirements

NUR 500 Theoretical Foundations for Nursing Practice 3 Credits
NUR 503 Advanced Leadership and Health Policy 3 Credits
NUR 531 Family Theory 2 Credits
NUR 555 Clinical Pharmacology 3 Credits
NUR 560 Nursing Research Methods 3 Credits
NUR 568 Advanced Health Assessment 4 Credits
NUR 569 Diagnostic Testing in Primary Care 1 Credit
NUR 570 Pathophysiology 3 Credits
NUR 572 Family Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Across the Lifespan 3 Credits
NUR 580 Beginning Level Adult Clinical 2 Credits
NUR 652 Family Primary Health Care I 3 Credits
NUR 658 Women's Health Care 2 Credits
NUR 668 Family Primary Health Care II 4 Credits
NUR 670 Intermediate Level Family Clinical 3 Credits
NUR 680 Advanced Level Family Clinical 4 Credits
NUR 692 Culminating Seminar for Nurse Practitioners 2 Credits
  Total 45 Credits

Special Notes:

  • Students may transfer up to 12 credit hours, if applicable, from another graduate program.
  • Regardless of overall GPA, students can apply only two “C” grades in courses taken towards the degree.
  • All students must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher to graduate.
  • Graduate students may repeat a graduate nursing course only once.
  • FNP majors must complete and pass a comprehensive final examination at the completion of their program of study.



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