MS Network and Computer Security - Faculty

Faculty Members

Hisham Kholidy - Associate Professor and Chair
Ph.D. in Computer Science, joint program University of Arizona and University of Pisa (Italy).
C227, Kunsela Hall (315) 792-7538
Prof. Kholidy has research interests in information security, big data, cloud computing and high performance systems.

Bassant Youssef Ph.D - Lecturer, Network and Computer Security 
C023, (502) 744-5164
Prof. Youssef has research interests that include Networks, Cybersecurity, deep learning, medical image applications and mathematical modeling and Stochastic Processes. 

John Marsh - Associate Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. in Physics, Carnegie Mellon University
Prof. Marsh has research interests in information assurance, wireless systems, cybersecurity education, and complex networks.

Mahmoud Badr - Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Tennessee Technological University.
C119, Kunsela Hall 
Prof. Badr has research interests in cybersecurity, machine learning, blockchain, cryptography,  smart grids, and 5G networks.

Zahid Akhtar – Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Electronic and Computer Engineering, University of Cagliari (Italy)
C135, Kunsela Hall (315) 792-7238
Prof. Akhtar has research interests in computer vision, machine learning, pattern recognition and their applications to biometrics, cybersecurity, affective computing, perceptual-based audiovisual multimedia quality assessment, and medical image analysis.

Adjunct Faculty

  • Jonathan Ashdown, PhD - Sr. Engineer, SPAWAR Systems Center 
  • Jeff Foley - Sr. Security Engineering Officer at Citi
  • Nick Merante - Senior Security Engineer, RSA
  • Todd Mesick - Manager, Cyber Forensics, Lubrizol Corp. (Berkshire Hathaway)
  • Paul Ratazzi, PhD - Principle Engineer, Air Force Research Laboratory 
  • Chuck Spinelli - IT/IS Director, Assured Information Security
  • Josh White, PhD - CTO of Discovery, Federal Data Systems



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