Cost of Attendance Components

Tuition and Fees*
This cost of attendance component is based on full-time attendance with the tuition rate established by New York State. Please see our Eligibility webpage for details on full-time credit hour requirements. Fees include those mandatory fees charged of all students. Tuition charges billed to the student will be based on actual enrollment.

Books and Supplies
In order to develop a reasonable estimate of the cost to each student for books and supplies, each spring the Financial Aid Office selects several class schedules and determines the cost of books for each student. The Financial Aid Office uses these figures to determine an average cost.

Room and Board*
The amounts listed here for the in-state and out-of-state cost of attendance reflect the cost of a single room and the 19 meal plan for students living in college provided housing or an allowance for rent, utilities and food for students living off-campus. Students living in college provided housing will be billed each semester for their room and board expenses. Student's living off-campus will make payments to their landlord in accordance with the provision of their lease.

Includes gas expenses for an on-campus student for trips home when school is not in session or gas expenses for a student commuting to campus.

Includes expenses for laundry, clothes, medical, and other personal expenses.


Students will be direct billed (by the Bursar's Office) for tuition and fees.  Those students residing in college provided housing will be billed (by the Bursar's Office) for room and board.  


*Tuition, fees, room and board charges are subject to change without prior notice at the discretion of SUNY Poly administration and the State University of New York.


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