Work Study Program

Federal work-study represents the wages that a student can expect to earn working at a job on-campus. Students can use the income they earn to offset some of their college expenses thereby reducing their reliance on student loans to meet these costs.  Please note that while your job is being funded through a financial aid program, it is a job and should be treated as any other source of employment. Students are expected to provide an hour's work for an hour's pay. Students are not allowed to do homework while "on-duty" for their work-study position.  Students can have only 1 federal work-study position per semester. 

Only students that have an established award that includes federal work-study are eligible. Students are not guaranteed a work-study position by virtue of being offered work-study in their financial aid package. Eligible students can apply by submitting a resume and cover letter directly to the hiring department. A student can earn up to the dollar amount offered to him/her per semester as listed in the financial aid award letter. Once that dollar amount has been earned for a given semester, the student must cease working for that term. 

Process Overview

  1. Confirm you have federal work-study in your financial aid package by reviewing your online financial aid award information through your Banner account.
  2. Accept your federal work-study award in your online financial aid package.
  3. Review the list of available positions (listed below).
  4. Contact the supervisor(s) to arrange for an in-person interview.  Students are encouraged to bring a resume and cover letter to each interview.  Please use the subject "Federal Work-Study Position" when contacting hiring supervisors via email.  
  5. After you have been offered a position, please have the hiring supervisor email Melissa Rose ( to advise her of their intent to hire you as a federal work-study student worker.
  6. Monitor your college email for a federal work-study employment agreement and other important information required to complete the hiring process.
  7. Return the completed federal work-study employment agreement to the Financial Aid Office.
  8. If requested to do so, return all required tax/employment paperwork (as listed below) to the Human Resources Office (Kunsela Hall, ground floor).  Bring the ORIGINAL IDENTIFICATION DOCUMENTS (as listed in the I-9 form) with you to the Human Resources Office when you drop-off your tax/employment paperwork.  Note that students that have held work-study positions for more than 3 academic years will be required to submit a new I-9 employment authorization form prior to starting their 4th year of work-study employment.  
  9. ALL documents (the federal work-study employment agreement and required tax/employment paperwork) must be submitted to the respective offices BEFORE a student can begin to work.
  10. Students will receive a welcome email from Human Resources with instructions on how to submit online timesheets.
  11. Submit online timesheets by the schedule listed below so you are paid in a timely fashion. Timesheets must be approved by your supervisor by the deadline or you will not be paid on time. Please be sure to work with your supervisor to be sure this happens in a timely manner.
  12. Paychecks/paystubs can be picked-up from the Human Resources Office.  



Time Sheets and Payroll Schedule
Time Sheet (Online) 
Payroll Schedule (pdf)


New Hire Information and Payroll Forms
Direct Deposit (pdf) -- Optional (highly recommended)
Employment Authorization (I-9) (pdf) -- REQUIRED
See list of ORIGINAL DOCUMENTATION that must be presented to Human Resources Office when submitting this form
Federal Tax Withholding (W-4) (pdf) -- REQUIRED
New York State Tax Withholding (IT21-04) (pdf) -- REQUIRED
SUNY Tax Deferred Retirement Savings Program (pdf)

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