Work Study Program

Federal work-study represents the wages that a student can expect to earn working at a job on-campus. Students can use the income they earn to offset some of their college expenses thereby reducing their reliance on student loans to meet these costs.  Please note that while your job is being funded through a financial aid program, it is a job and should be treated as any other source of employment. Students are expected to provide an hour's work for an hour's pay. Students are not allowed to do homework while "on-duty" for their work-study position.  Students can have only 1 federal work-study position per semester. 

Only students that have filed the FAFSA and have an established financial aid award that includes federal work-study are eligible to seek a work-study position. Students are not guaranteed a work-study position by virtue of being offered work-study in their financial aid package. Eligible students must apply for a position by attending the Work-Study Job Fair at the start of the semester. The fall ’18 event will take place on Tuesday, September 4 from 12 am to 2 pm in the Student Center Multi-Purpose Room. Eligible students should bring copies of their resume to the fair and leave them with the specific offices that they are interested in working for after speaking with the representatives at the fair. We will follow-up after the fair if a placement has been made regarding the final paperwork that needs to be submitted before employment can begin.

A student can earn up to the dollar amount offered to him/her per semester as listed in the financial aid award letter. Once that dollar amount has been earned for a given semester, the student must cease working for that term.

New entering students who have received a work-study award in their financial aid package will receive information via their campus email account in mid/late August regarding the details of the Work-Study Job Fair and the paperwork process that must be completed once a position has been secured. In addition, students who have been offered a position will be required to participate in a brief orientation program with the Office of Human Resources prior to starting their employment.


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