Graduate Admissions-Graduate Assistantships

SUNY Poly's Albany Campus

All full-time applicants to the graduate nano programs will automatically be considered for research assistantship funding. Learn more

SUNY Poly's Utica Campus

Graduate Assistantships

A variety of graduate assistantship positions are available each semester to support SUNY Poly’s faculty. They include serving as a research, teaching, or lab assistant. Returning full-time graduate students are eligible to apply for these positions to support their second or third semester of study. Funding is limited and the selection process is competitive. Compensation is a stipend and the number of hours and stipend amount vary by position.

Other On-Campus Employment Opportunities (Student Assistants)

All SUNY Poly students have access to Handshake, a career platform that maintains up-to-date postings of all jobs available on-campus in various offices. Compensation and required hours vary by position.


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